Our Approach to Wellness

Capital Service Wellness Solutions are backed by our Person First Performance Guarantee:

We conduct a Health Risk Assessment and biometric screenings on an individual level.
We work with clinicians to marry these findings with claims data. This allows us to get an objective, clinical, and global view of your workforce’s health.
We create, implement, and consistently evaluate an evidence-based, human-centered solution backed by our Person First Performance Guarantee.

Our Person First Performance Guarantee

For a wellness solution to yield beneficial results and premium reductions, a few things must happen:


A comprehensive and accurate assessment of your workforce.


An effective, proactive and creative plan to address and prevent health issues.


A leadership team wholly committed to building a culture of

wellness and genuinely invested in seeing their employees thrive.

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This is why we have our Person First Performance Guarantee. When we implement a wellness solution, we require a signed commitment from your leadership team to underscore your dedication to helping your employees live fuller lives. We then examine your reduction objectives and use metrics to measure our effectiveness in meeting those goals. If everyone did their part, and the wellness solution doesn’t meet your target reduction objectives, we put a percentage of our fees on-the-line. That’s how confident and committed we are.

Components of
Our Wellness Solutions

Our customized individual wellness plans are augmented with a team program. Baked into these programs are:

  • On-site events and seminars
  • Challenges to promote engagement
  • Educational Content
  • Meetings with psychologists, fitness coaches, dieticians, clinicians, and other specialists
  • Appropriate, tailored, and meaningful incentives
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What Our Amazing Clients are Saying: