Steve Jobs once said,

“People with passion can change the world.”

At Capital Services, we think,

“When people are your passion, you can’t help but to change the world.”

When you have a genuine interest in seeing every individual live a purposeful life, they flourish with their family, they thrive in their workplace, and they are better positioned to contribute to their community, and ultimately the world. This is the driving belief that our company was founded on, and one that we share with our clients.

What Does that Mean for You?

We craft all of our solutions with the same level of commitment, care, and concern our clients have for their individual employees. This passion for people builds innovative workplaces that have higher levels of performance, more engagement and satisfaction, and overall cost reduction in long term health-related expenditures.

We Even Offer a Person First Performance Guarantee

When we implement a healthcare or wellness solution, we require a signed commitment from your leadership team to underscore your commitment to helping your employees live fuller lives. We then examine your reduction objectives and use metrics to measure our effectiveness in meeting those goals. If everyone did their part, and our solution doesn’t meet your target reduction objectives, we put a percentage of our fees on-the-line. That’s how confident and committed we are.