Health And Welfare ACA And ERISA Compliance

Health And Welfare ACA and ERISA compliance services. Our mission is to help businesses navigate through the complex maze of current health care law and regulations, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their business needs while maintaining a compliant environment.

There’s a few reasons why you may be
considering changing your benefits partner…
You may be seeking more proactive communication around compliance.

You’ve been tweaking your plan design in an attempt to control costs,
but you’re still seeing double digit increases every year.

In addition to your rising healthcare costs, your workforce isn’t developing healthier
habits and behaviors that will make them more productive and engaged.
We Were Built Around Benefits
The irony of employee benefits is that they’re hardly ever viewed as a benefit.
We’re really trying to provide the best care so our people are happy, healthy, and productive, but we seem to be slipping.


These benefits are costing us a fortune.


I feel like I’m drowning trying to manage our benefits. Between compliance, pressure from the C-suite, and dissatisfaction from employees, they’re just a lot to handle.

— Head of HR

I don’t feel like my benefits are that great. I don’t think I have adequate coverage for the things I need. Does my company even care about me?

— Employee

It doesn’t have to be like this.
You can create a model that protects your employees, keeps you on
budget, and has a long term impact that sustains your costs and
increases employee engagement and productivity.
Stop taking a surface-level, siloed approach to manage your benefits.
Get back in the driver’s seat by implementing foundational, positive changes for your workforce.
We specialize in:


A successful healthcare plan should be designed with regard to:

  • Managing costs and reducing premiums
  • Providing competitive coverage based on industry benchmarking
  • Addressing health trends and illnesses impacting your workforce
  • Examining your team’s population and demographic information
  • Understanding your company’s mission, vision, and objectives
  • Increasing employee buy-in and engagement

At Capital Services, we build customized solutions to help each of your employees, and ultimately your company, thrive.

In fact, we’re so confident in the solutions we implement, that we offer a Person First Performance Guarantee.


One of the biggest challenges to implementing a successful healthcare plan can be navigating legislation and compliance.

At Capital Services, we develop customized compliance solutions crafted by a Department of Labor Auditor. After we review this solution with you, we upload it to your customer portal and plug key compliance deadlines into your calendar so you aren’t at risk for penalties.


We create solutions for clients with global operations and identify global risk. We limit your exposure of unexpected legal liability and negligent failure to properly plan :

  • Is every global employee category accounted for and covered and are your company’s balance sheets protected from unexpected claims?
  • Are all exclusions and limitations identified and addressed in your contracts?
  • Is the future of your global operations and locations being discussed pro-actively?
  • Are your employees and their families getting the assistance they require in coordinating their healthcare needs?


Capital Services is certified to design healthcare plans that address key questions like:

  • Does your benefits plan comply with the Service Contract Act (SCA) or Davis Bacon Act?
  • Is your plan designed to align with hourly fringe rates rather than monthly premiums?
  • Are you in compliance with the payment of minimum wages & fringe benefits as determined by the Department of Labor (DOL)?
  • Has your current consultant helped you perform the Exemption Tests that fall under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)?
  • Are you compliant with the frequency of payments into bona fide fringe benefit plan to avoid DOL audits and penalties?


Our proficiency has been very valuable to large organizations who are seeking objective feedback and guidance on mitigating rising costs and improving the health of your workforce and their families.

Our team of experts will design benefit offerings that are aligned with business objectives and demographic make-up, and establish key metrics to evaluate plan effectiveness and benchmark with peer offerings.

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